bluelawn’s been published!

what an exciting day in the bluelawn studio…

i recently received a message from a bluelawn customer who i had done a mural for last year. she told me that her son’s nursery featuring my mural was going to be featured in a glossy baby mag called “little one baby”! well, wasn’t i surprised?! i never, ever, ever imagined that my art would be publicised in such a way.

only 18 months ago i decided to make bluelawn “official”. although i had always considered myself creative, i never felt confident enough to call myself “an artist”. well, not out loud anyway. it felt, to be honest, a bit wanky. but then i decided to make some brave positive changes in my life. i “manned up” as it were, quit my job, launched my facebook page and this website, spent my savings on supplies for my studio and started putting my art out there. as vulnerable as i felt in doing this, i had actually never felt more in control of my life, more confident in myself and my choices or more able to achieve the wild and fantastical ideas i had been conjuring up (and simultaneously hiding from) my whole adult life. i am so blessed to have been able to watch bluelawn grow, meet amazing people along the way and have my art out there in the wilderness for all to enjoy. my heart is full. i am grateful.

and now, my art is in a magazine! a legitimate publication, with, like, page numbers! and advertisements for things i can’t afford! and a barcode on the back! properly legit. it’s surreal. but totally awesome.

thank you to jasi from jasart photography for taking these snaps of the article, and for being the raddest mum on the coast for letting me scribble on your kids walls.

create. love. respect.LittleOneBaby Article 1 LittleOneBaby Article 2 LittleOneBaby Article 3 LittleOneBaby Article 4




friday night facepaint came back with a vengeance…

on the cyber-surface, it may seem like things have been a bit quiet here in the bluelawn studio. in actuality, things have been too busy! there hasn’t been much time to blog or get happily distracted making art for fun and not for clients. but for this i am very grateful! not many artists can whinge about being too busy!

last friday i reached out to the bluelawn fans on facebook to put their requests for facepaint friday themes. there were so many good suggestions i couldn’t pick just one… this was the end result…




diy rainbows…

i am a very proud australian. i love this country, it’s people, it’s energy, it’s everything. but there is something that continues to not only disappoint me, but embarrass me as a patriot and citizen of this otherwise great land.

whilst so advanced in so many ways, we are one of the few developed western nations still stubborn as shit on a boot about marriage equality.

and it bothers me. it bothers me alot.

in the last few years it seems we are overwhelmed on a daily basis with stories of horrendous displays of human behavior-murders, terrorism, war, abuse, bigotry, narcissism, cruelty, judgment and just your garden variety blanketing hatred. so when i started to hear about the diy rainbow crossing movement spreading around the world, i was immediately warmed and fuzzied. there are people all over the place, all ages, genders, cultures, religions and orientations getting on their hands and knees and creating glorious rainbows on pavements, walkways, stairs and basically any horizontal surface they can find! it’s not often enough that we see people banding together in a show of love.

simple. universal. equal. love.

and of all the things in the world that i love, i love love the most.

today with a little help from my friends we added another chalk rainbow to the world. many people watched on, some stopped to chat, and above all, those who spoke had nothing but positive and supportive words.

it was one of those awesome life affirming moments.

it made me really happy.

create. love equally. respect.


mothers day giveaway…


hey all you mother lovers, is your mum/grandma/mother figure/mother of your child (and any other type of “mum” out there!) utterly and completely ridiculously awesome? does she deserve to be spoiled this mothers day? I WANNA HEAR YOUR STORY!

post your tales on bluelawn’s facebook page (hereand tell me why your special lady is so special. the winner will receive an original bluelawn artwork of any kind you or they like, made especially for them for mothers day!

the lucky lady will be announced this friday 12/04/13 at 5pm (est). all entrants must “like” bluelawn’s facebook page prior to entering to ensure I can contact you if your special person is the winner.


sneak peek into the studio…

having been working on an ink and watercolor series for then past 3 months or so, it has been hard not to post/blog/email/instagram pictures of what i’ve been up to every single day! i suppose this is a good sign that i am still excited by my work and by making the choice to be a full-time freelance artist.

but i can’t fight it much longer… so here’s a very blurry picture of my studio and some new pieces i’m working on!


who am i?

art is a personal experience. when you look at my art or purchase some, it feels like you are seeing me. flaws and all. no covers. nowhere to hide. just me.

and i like it that way.

for such a long time i was worried about feeling “exposed” by posting my personal thoughts and not having a really strict policy on talking about my personal life on my blog or facebook page. but when i think about poets, artists, musicians, writers, designers, dream makers, believers, unicorn riders… their best quality is that they are open. and accessible. and i want to be in that category.

so here’s a little about me you might not know:

  • i am eurasian- my father is originally from hong kong and my mother is aussie. occasionally i am referred to as a chaussie (chinese-aussie) which i find endearing. not racist.
  • i studied psychology at university.
  • i have not studied art since high school in the strict sense but i believe when it comes to art that we are all students of the universe. its wether we are willing to learn (through sight, experience and openness to new ideas) that’s the deal maker. so in my eyes i have been a student of art my entire life.
  • i grew up on a farm.
  • i have 3 brothers who are the biggest legends in the world.
  • i love animals.
  • i hate cold water at the beach but love cold showers.
  • i love cold tomatoes.
  • i am terrified of moths (butterflies are just moths in better outfits so i’m not a really big fan of them either).
  • i have always wanted to be in a band despite having zero musical talent.
  • i dream of travel but always find myself yearning to be at home whenever i am away.
  • i love movies and music and everything vintage

but above all, i love love. in all its forms. between two people, between a person and their pet, between a family, between friends, between parent and child, any type. any kind. i love it.

and that’s just a little about me. i would love to hear more about you. feel free to comment on this post and tell me a little about yourself!

create. love. respect.